Mini-Truss Pty. Ltd.

Competitive Pricing, Quality Products, World Class Engineering

MiniTruss Pty. Ltd.
50 Queensland Rd,
Darra, Queensland 4076

P: (07) 3375 5999

Mini-Truss is a manufacturer of quality engineered termite treated roof trusses and wall frames. Our qualified team use Mitek Engineering software to meet your specific building needs. We use high quality timber combined with computerised saws and laser projection system for accurate cuts to ensure quality and consistency in construction.

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Mitek Licensed Fabricator mitek qualified brisbane roof trusses

We Specialise in:

  • High Quality
  • High Complexity
  • Termite Treated Timber
  • Quality Service
  • Small to Medium Structures

We pride ourselves by offering:

  • Obligation Free Quotes
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Professional and Reliable Service
  • Quality Products
  • Competitive Prices
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates